Why Staffing Agencies Need Insurance

Running a staffing service comes with its own benefits and requirements. Because a staffing service hires and supplies employees to various locations, it is important for them to stay protected in case an incident occurs where the employee gets hurt on the job. This can cost them a lot of money and affect their reputation in the process. Here is why staffing service insurance is so important.

The Coverage Protects in Different Circumstances

Having insurance protects against a variety of different circumstances that a staffing agency could face. This covers basics such as general liability and professional liability, along with more specific types of coverage, such as directors and officers’ liability. Having these options is helpful, as pointed out by U.S. Risk Insurance, because it ensures that regardless of the position the employee holds, there is some protection offered through staffing service insurance.

Having Coverage Shows the Staffing Agency Cares

Having insurance coverage shows that the staffing service takes themselves seriously, and wants to protect both the employees that work for them, along with the clients they serve. By having staffing insurance a company can feel confident about doing business with an agency.
There are a variety of reasons to have staffing service insurance. This can include a sense of professionalism from the agency, along with coverage that protects employees and other temporary workers in different circumstances.