Why Do I Need Food Truck Insurance?

Accidents can be devastating no matter what type of business you are in, but they could be especially detrimental to your food truck business if you don’t have the right insurance. Any accident, property damage, or injury can halt a food truck business, but insurance for food trucks could protect you in any event and save your business.

Types of Food Truck Insurance

There are several different kinds of insurance coverage available:

  • This is a basic policy that will cover things like theft, fire, natural disasters, etc.
  • Property Damage. This coverage will help pay to repair the damage you cause to another vehicle or property.
  • This policy ensures repairs or replacement if you accidentally hit another vehicle or motionless object.
  • If you are at fault for an accident, this will protect you if you are the policyholder.
  • Instead of being stranded if your vehicle breaks down, having towing coverage means you can have help wherever you are.

Additional Policies

There are many additional policies available depending on what you need as a business. For instance, workers’ compensation covers your workers in case an accident occurs at work. Food contamination policies will cover you if you have to temporarily close down because of spoiled food. Finally, service interruption policies will keep your business afloat if you experience a loss of income from any accidents or service interruptions.

There are many headaches that can come with owning a business. Don’t let the lack of insurance be one of them.