What You Need To Know About Captive Insurance

Making the best decisions for the future of your business starts with understanding the options in front of you. Plenty of business owners assume that they have to follow the tried-and-true path when it comes to taking out insurance. In truth, there are a wealth of alternatives available that can offer tons of advantages. Being a part of a captive cell program, for example, is an alternative that tends to offer more control in terms of the insurance plan and what is covered.

What Is Captive Insurance?

Understanding captive insurance is easy. With a traditional provider, the decisions for your plan are determined by a commercial entity. With a captive program, these choices are made by the investors involved in the captive. This makes for a much more flexible situation overall and can help you find coverage for projects that have risks commercial organizations would not touch. This level of control can also help boost your cash flow, allowing you to put capital towards other areas of your business. Other benefits include:

  • Access to more affordable rates
  • Involvement in profits from underwriting¬†
  • Flexibility on a number of fronts¬†

What Approach Is Best?

Determining the type of insurance provider that is right for your business can take time. Research the details of using an alternative approach like a captive program and see how your business can benefit.