What You Need in a Builders Risk Policy

When it comes to construction, insurance is more important than most people would think. Setbacks due to extreme weather, theft, or serious accidents can cause the cost of a construction project to skyrocket if a builder doesn’t have the right coverage. That is why builders risk insurance should be part of every project.

Protect Your Structure, Materials, and More

A first-rate builder’s risk policy can be customized to cover the things a builder is most concerned about. Most policies include coverage for fire damage, theft, and vandalism, but the experts at SB One Insurance Agency list optional additions of coverage for costs and losses a builder may want to consider.

  • Unexpected taxes
  • Law and ordinance changes
  • Floods and windstorms
  • Materials transportation
  • Unforeseen delays

Soft costs that may not be at the forefront of your mind are just as important to cover as the structure and materials themselves. A dependable insurance provider will ensure that your coverage is comprehensive and anticipates a wide variety of situations.

The last thing a builder wants to be responsible for is some kind of loss or damage that was not caused by the construction crew, and a thoroughly composed builders risk insurance policy will help make sure that does not happen. With the right policy, you will be free to concentrate fully on your project site.