What Isn’t Covered in a Homeowners Insurance Policy?

Whether you’re facing a blizzard or a thunderstorm, there are numerous sources of damage that can affect your living space. However, not all losses are covered by insurance. Here is a guide on the types of damage that are typically not included in a homeowners insurance policy.


Any indication of negligence on your part as the homeowner is usually not covered by insurance.

Examples of homeowners negligence include:

Broken pipes
Failure to trim or remove hazardous trees
Failure to remove snow or ice promptly
No action is taken to protect property from storm damage

These causes of damage reflect poorly on the homeowner and therefore cannot be included in the insurance policy. If you have concerns like are ice dams covered by homeowners insurance, it often depends on whether the problem was caused by your own negligence.


A buildup of melted snow can often cause flooding in your home. In many cases, flooding isn’t covered by homeowners insurance. If you are facing serious water damage as a result of excess water, you will likely need flood insurance to help cover the costs of damage.

Failure to Maintain Home

Insurance also does not cover inadequate home maintenance. To avoid paying the costs of damage, try to keep your home in good condition and protect it from extreme weather events. Regularly taking care of your home can keep you from wondering are ice dams covered by homeowners insurance.