What is Included in Public School Insurance

Public School Insurance Indiana
Public School Insurance Indiana

If you’re running a public school in Indiana, then you might be interested in acquiring public school insurance. A typical insurance plan offers several policies, which can be tailored as whole to fit your establishment’s particular needs. Following are a few of the policies offered by this type of insurance.

General Liability

General liability insurance is meant to protect you in case you are sued for injuries or damages. Your insurance company will pay for the damages up to the limits of the policy, as well as for the legal costs. Although you have probably done everything you can think of in order to make your school’s grounds a safe place for children to learn and play, accidents can always happen. General liability insurance, as part of your public school insurance Indiana plan, can help safeguard your establishment against the costs of a lawsuit.

Abuse and Molestation

Abuse and molestation insurance is important for any large establishment in which sexual molestation and assault can occur. Although it is hard to think of sexual harassment occurring at your school, it’s never completely out of the question.


Umbrella insurance is liability insurance that covers losses that other policies do not cover. It will pay after the reimbursement from other policies have been completely exhausted. Umbrella insurance has its own limit, and it is similar to what is known as excess insurance.


Your public school probably has plenty of school buses, so your public school insurance Indianaplan will definitely include an auto policy. You might also need coverage for special vehicles that are hired on occasion to take students on trips.

This is just a sampling of what is included in a public school insurance plan. Other components are property, AD&D and educator legal liability.