What Can Blue Emu Do For You?

Blue-Emu oil is gaining popularity and for good reasons. Blue-Emu oil an excellent transdermal carrier that will greatly improve the delivery of CBD and THC compounds. When you use the oil in conjunction with CBD and THC, you will receive the maximum benefits due to the oil’s ability to help the compounds reach the bloodstream and deep tissues. As if that isn’t enough it also offers numerous other benefits.

Pain & Inflammation

The emu oil is a refined oil that comes from the emu bird’s fat. It is the fatty acids in the oil that are responsible for the natural anti-inflammatory properties, specifically the oleic acid. Use of blue emu oil can be helpful for relieving painful joints and areas of inflammation. It is commonly used as a massage oil for soreness.

Tattoo Aftercare, Stretch Marks & Scars

Emu oil is a powerful moisturizer due to the high levels of fat in the oil. As it penetrates deep into the skin layers, it keeps the skin moisturized and more pliable. This makes stretching and healing easier and can relieve the itching that often accompanies stretch marks, scars, and tattoos during aftercare. As mentioned above, the anti-inflammatory properties are also helpful for these types of skin issues.

Next time you have sore joints or a healing scar, massage refined blue emu oil into your skin and start reaping the natural benefits.