Types of Insurance Lists


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Insurance lists

Insurance lists are valuable assets to marketing campaigns. They provide you with detailed information on thousands of companies and agencies, and are updated to reflect any changes within the market. The accuracy of business data is invaluable to efficient promotion of your products or services. There are multiple lists to choose from that can each benefit your professional operations.

List of Agents and Brokers

This information is ideal for program administrators, managing general agents, or insurance company representatives that seek to target a precise market or geographic region. There are 70,000 entities that are included in such records, and they are clearly categorized by specific types of agents.

List of Insurance Companies

For those that are interested in expanding their marketing approach to include casualty insurers or property insurers, the database of 1,600 insurance carrier contacts is a promising business resource. These insurance lists include information about the location, employee statistics and DUNS number of any given insurer.

List of Businesses

Business directories can include information regarding 24 million different company locations. This allows professionals to market their products or services to new businesses based on narrowed details, such as commission incomes and revenue reports.

List of Emails

Because many individuals tend to change their email addresses every few years, it can be difficult for professionals to maintain prolonged communication with their clients. Email appends track and verify contact records to ensure lasting exactitude.

No matter what a company’s marketing approach may be, utilizing one or more of these insurance lists can create maximum productivity and promising business outcomes.