Tough Outlook for Hiring in 2021

We see the difficulties of hiring new employees in the news and we hear it from our friends and colleagues. Jobs are coming back but there aren’t enough applicants to fill the roles. Staffing challenges for companies wanting to hire appear to be the new normal.

Here are two areas where the challenges are the greatest, along with ideas on how to best move forward.


The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 crushed the job market. Instead of getting back to normal, the fundamental bedrocks of hiring workers have shifted dramatically.

A major change in hiring due to the pandemic is moving from face-to-face interviews to sole reliance on technology. This can be a positive for companies, but also contains many unknowns. One way to mitigate the risk of recruiting and hiring remotely is to purchase corporate risk insurance.

Making the Right Match

Just because a candidate is perfect on paper doesn’t mean he or she will mesh with your team. Interviewing and vetting using only online resources carries an inherent amount of risk. Again, to navigate through this adversity, obtain risk insurance to help mitigate the unknowns of matching the right candidate with the proper openings.

Recruiting and hiring are not exact sciences, especially in this post-pandemic era. Managing the risk with insurance options can help protect against many of the unforeseen nuances of staffing.