Top Ways to Lower Your Professional Liability Risk

A professional liability policy comes into play when a client files a lawsuit against you claiming negligence or omission in your professional duties resulting in their financial harm. Beyond having a professional liability policy with US Agencies Insurance, here are a few ways to mitigate your risk.


Make sure you continue to offer educational and training opportunities for your staff. Staff that is happy often works harder for you. They invest more in your company because you invest more in their future. New staff should be supervised and complete proper training for their position.


Have a checklist both before and after a project is completed. Checklists should include reviewing contracts, documentation procedures, follow-up and client engagement. A client who is aware of what is happening with their account, project or purchase is usually satisfied with the relationship.

Continuing Education

Regularly taking continuing education courses allows you to stay up-to-date on professional trends and requirements. Having this information handy keeps customers informed about your investment in your profession. They may trust you more since you continue to learn and grow in your field.

A professional liability insurance policy with US Agencies Insurance shows clients you understand humans make mistakes. But it also shows them that you have insurance if you do. You want to make things right for your client and insurance helps you do that.