Top Tips for Safe Summer Driving

Summertime means the sun is hot and shining for longer hours than the rest of the year. Summer is a huge time for families to hit the road and take vacation meaning more cars on the highways. In addition to having commercial truck cargo insurance, use these tips to drive safer this summer.

Eye Protection

The sun shines longer hours and the resulting glare can make it hard to see. Driving into the sunrise or sunset can increase the glare in your eyes. Sunglasses and light reflecting accessories on the rig can help diminish the effects of sun glare.

Stay Hydrated

Even though you are driving in an air-conditioned rig, hydration is still important. A long drive can lull you into thinking you are hydrated enough. That hot summer sun can override the cool temps of the ac resulting in dehydration.

Burn Prevention

The sun can burn you through the truck windows. While you may tan, sunburn can affect your driving. A burn is painful and over time can lead to skin cancer. Regular sunscreen application can prevent both.

These tips can help keep you and other drivers safe on the road. Those long hauls are easier with the longer daylight hours, but the summer sun has its effects on you. Commercial truck cargo insurance offers protection in case you do end up in an accident this summer.