Three Ways to Be Safe When Renting Rooms to Travelers

If running a hotel is out of the question for you but you still like the idea of running a hospitality business, have you considered going the route of AirBNB or Couchsurfer? There are plenty of ways that you can open your home to travelers — just make sure that you’re protecting yourself while doing it!


There is an enormous amount of trust on both ends between someone welcoming strangers into their home and accepting the invitation. Guard yourself against any potential “bad guys” by taking a few safety measures:

  • Check out hospitality insurance coverage. While you don’t run anything like a Hilton, it’s at least being covered should something happen.
  • Double-check that the locks on guest’s doors and bathroom doors — and any rooms you don’t want guests accessing. You want them to feel safe staying there too.
  • Have a strategy and exit plan in case there’s an emergency. Share all fire exits with your guests, but don’t tell them about any personal emergency exits to get away from them. Sometimes people are creepy. Follow your instincts if you feel threatened by someone.

Donuts to ten you will have nothing but pleasant and courteous guests, but life is weird and things happen. The RMS Hospitality Group can give you a better rundown on what hospitality insurance looks like, but it’s a necessary purchase — even if you never hope to need it.