Three Top Reasons for Targeted Linen Supply Companies Insurance

Each industry has liability risks that are specific to the type of services performed. General business policies cover common issues but may not be sufficient to meet the needs of your dry cleaning company. Following are three top reasons to seek targeted coverage in linen supply companies insurance.

1. Specific Coverage Provided

Since your business deals with handling the property of your clients, customer goods need to be listed on an unlimited basis. Disappearance of goods should be addressed as well as storage issues. Soil contamination coverage is necessary due to possible damage by cleaning solvents. Targeted policies also deal with new risks like data breaches and industry changes such as the shift to more green products.

2. Tailored Comprehensive Package

To properly address the needs of linen supply companies, insurers offer comprehensive packages that include the following:

  • General liability
  • Property
  • Business auto
  • Boiler and machinery
  • Workers compensation
  • Umbrella
  • Pollution liability
  • Business interruption

Business interruption insurance should take into account loss of income caused by disruption of utilities.

3. Improving the Bottom Line

Insurance agencies that specialize in the dry cleaning industry have developed policies and risk management programs designed to benefit businesses in the field. Targeted linen supply companies insurance minimizes the cost of claims through coverage of exposures not listed in conventional plans. With specific issues properly addressed, your companys financial outlook can be greatly improved.


photo credit: Mónica Leitão Mota cc