Workers Compensation Insurance PA

Think of Workers Compensation Insurance as an Employee Benefit

Although your business is required to carry workers compensation insurance in PA, most employees have no idea how much money is paid toward this benefit. The more you have to spend to carry this insurance, the less money your company has to put toward other employee’s compensations. Inform your employees about your insurance costs and teach them to put safety first to reduce your expenses.

Hold regular safety meetings to train employees to be safe on the job. A quarterly video or program that lasts around 30 minutes reminds your staff to put safety first. Your insurance company has resources available so you don’t have to spend your valuable time finding the program.

Make sure your employees are using safe equipment. Lead by example. If everyone is supposed to wear safety glasses when they are in a certain area, make sure that you always do when you go there. It may be an inconvenience, but someone has to set the standard. Your employees follow your example. Consider making one person responsible for coordinating safety efforts within the company and giving them authority to make necessary changes.

Reward your employees when the premiums on your workers compensation insurance in PA are reduced. When they go a year without an accident, show them that you appreciate their diligence and hard work to remain safe on the job. Show them it benefits them to take care of your business.


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