The Future of Cemeteries: 3 Sustainable Burial Options

No matter what changes the world endures, death remains a tragic fact of life. This means cemeteries will have to adapt if they are to continue providing viable burial options in a future with less space and more people. Fortunately, many have already begun to explore creative ways to lay the dead to rest.

1. Natural Solutions

Part of the problem with modern burials is their imposition on the environment, but burial pods present an earth-friendly solution. These cocoon-like bulbs contain the remains of the deceased, along with a handful of seeds and nutrients. Eventually, a tree will sprout from the pod, creating a living memorial.

2. Tech-Based Burials

Some countries have already begun building high-tech vaults and mausoleums which hold virtual memorials instead of traditional urns. Similarly, many cemeteries are moving away from headstones, offering guests the ability to locate their loved one’s burial site via GPS navigation instead.

3. Towering Tombs

While tradition states that bodies should be buried six feet below ground, that isn’t going to be feasible in the coming years. As such, cemeteries have started building skyscrapers which, unlike sprawling graveyards, can accommodate a sizeable number of burial sites in one compact area.

The future of cemeteries remains bright, despite the challenges presented by environmental factors and a growing population. Through creative changes, cemeteries can continue to reassure families that there will always be sustainable ways to memorialize the dead.