The Benefits of Temp Labor

Employee leasing firms and professional employer staffing firms contract with a variety of companies to become what is known as the “employer of record” for temporary or contract-only workers. With this responsibility, the employer of record must offer any mandated and related employment benefits to their hires, despite the physical assignment of the employee to an off-site company. If you have doubts or concerns, checking into staffing insurance solutions will give you the details concerning the benefits provided to those working with staffing firms.

There are several reasons why hiring temporary or contract labor would be beneficial for your company.

It is easier to source specific talent from a pool of applicants for a short-term project than hire, train and affords seasonal employees.

It can more cost-effective to rely on a staffing company to carry the burden of providing health insurance and benefits to the contract employees if your company is smaller.

It allows your company to focus on the business of making or selling products rather than wading through paperwork and navigating the world of human resources.

If you’ve never used a staffing company to fill an employment need, the decision could be more advantageous than you think. Check out their staffing insurance solutions to be sure of liability and benefits issues with the employees, but there is no harm in seeing how an arrangement could benefit your business.