Strategies for Grocery Stores to Reduce Shrinkage

Like any type of retail store, both small grocers and large supermarkets need to take an active approach to prevent losses from shoplifting and internal theft. In many instances, grocery stores can be particularly vulnerable to theft compared to other retailers because of their large square footage, inventory, and volume of shoppers. Enhancing security protocols and smart use of surveillance systems enables stores to mitigate loss.

The Utility of Security Cameras

It’s understandable that managers may not be effectively utilizing security cameras to prevent shoplifting. It’s unlikely that a store would want to allocate resources to having staff study what’s happening on monitors as a security control. However, a video surveillance system is a good deterrent to shoplifters. Simply seeing the cameras lets them know that someone may be watching. A monitor displaying all of a system’s vantage points near where shoppers walk lets them know that a store takes security seriously.

Proactively Preventing Internal Theft

Theft committed by staff can be difficult to detect. How do grocery stores prevent theft internally? Prevention starts in the hiring process. Hiring managers need to verify past employment records and conduct a criminal history search. Supervisors need to train staff to keep receipts for any items that they purchase from the store.