Special Coverage for Sports Bars

Every business needs a comprehensive business insurance package. When you own a sports bar, however, only opting for a basic BOP may leave you vulnerable to the unique risks of your industry. In addition to general liability and property coverage, you may want to consider making sure you have additional protection.

1. Unique Liabilities

Any time a business serves alcohol or food, the owner takes on additional risks. If a patron leaves your bar and is involved in an accident, you may be held liable for some of the damages that result from the wreck. A guest who is hospitalized for food poisoning may file charges against you. It’s important to have specific policies that can help cover the cost of your defense and, if applicable, any damages awarded by the courts.

2.  Assault Coverage

When rival teams face off, tempers can flare. Because you are responsible for what happens on your property, you may need to rely on specialty sports bar insurance if a fight breaks out.

3. Excess Liability

As referenced on http://www.rmshg.com/, a lot can happen in a short amount of time, particularly when there is alcohol involved. Even a liquor liability policy may not fully cover damages. An excess liability policy gives you extra protection when you need it.

Your sports bar is likely a place where people go to relax, but it also can leave you vulnerable to specific liabilities. Protect your business with comprehensive coverage.