With the economy still on shaky ground, many people are committed to tightening their financial belts as much as possible, taking advantage of savings wherever they can be found. When it comes to finding Norwich, CT car insurance at an affordable prices, there are many things you can do that affect your premiums—in a good way—such as:

Multi-policy discounts. Obtaining other types of coverage, such as renters or homeowners, from the same insurer will result in savings often of 10 percent or more.

Take the bus, the vanpool, or walk (sometimes). Reducing the number of miles you drive annually can result in preferred pricing on your policy that reflects your low mileage. If your company offers a commuter vanpool, go for it. Not only will you save the wear and tear on you and your vehicle, companies often pay a portion of the cost or reimburse you, so you could end up commuting for free—and by eliminating a commute to and from work, your insurance premium could be reduced that much more.

Drive defensively. Simply by being a good driver—not speeding, obeying signs, not tailgating, avoiding accidents by looking down the road instead of just what is immediately ahead of you—means you are less likely to receive moving violations or be involved in accidents, which means your premiums are lower than the other guy who’s not as vigilant.

Hang up the cell phone. Driving while texting or talking means you’re driving while distracted, and it just isn’t smart; studies show that reaction times suffer when drivers are on the phone. Also, laws against driving while texting or talking vary from region to region, so while it may be legal in one area, you might get a hefty ticket for it in another. Make it simple (and safer) for yourself by not getting in the habit, and make it more likely that your kids will mirror your behavior when they’re behind the wheel.

These are simple yet effective tips that will help you keep your Norwich, CT car insurance premiums in check.