Setting up a Festival Booth

If your city is having a festival of some sort and you’re thinking of setting up a booth, congratulations! This can be a great marketing tactic for your small business. If this is your first time advertising on such a large scale, know what to expect. Being prepared is key when you’re trying something new!

Insurance Policies

Whether you sell jewelry or churros, you need to make sure that you’re covered by an insurance policy. You want to protect your assets from theft or damage — but you also want to protect yourself!
Food festival insurance is essential if you’re setting up a food stall. Research on, states that there are many different coverage packages offered.
General liability insurance is never wasted money; it protects you from potential lawsuits if someone injures themselves in your booth.

Licenses and Permits

There are avenues to follow when you’re getting involved in a festival, so don’t forget to check with the city and see what paperwork and fees you need to take care of beforehand. There might be an application process and/or a waiting period for filing and approval. Give yourself time to obtain it all!
Advertising means that you’re making your business known to the public. A local festival can be a great way to do that…just be sure that you’re ready for it!