Paratext Gives Users Access to Major Reference Works at Libraries

Content is king on the Internet, with a plethora of information available on any subject, topic, issue, concern you may have. There are bloggers, authors, journalists, and researchers posting on-line studies, white papers, articles, insights, news and opinions on all sorts of websites. You have also have the people’s encyclopedia, Wikipedia, with individuals adding content about a host of things. How good and valid the information many times is a crapshoot. You’re not always sure it’s a trusted, authorized person providing the information or an “expert” on the subject. Lots of quantity, but what about the quality? So you turn to on-line libraries, which also have a vast amount of information…but you need it quickly and sometimes your searches fall short, or you may not be accessing all the authorized information available.

That’s where Paratext comes in, which allows you to easily go through the library of information and better pinpoint the sources you have on a specific subject. It allows you to better access authoritative resources that would otherwise go unused. As a user, you can instantly identify which major reference works are held by the library, at a level of analysis far deeper than that which a library catalog or discovery service can provide. That’s important for all of us, especially for those who are relying on stats, data, and research to do their own research.