Access and Link to Public Documents for Research with Paratext

Many research papers, especially when discussing politics, social issues, historical perspectives, legislation involve having access to public documents. You want to back up insights, opinions, projections and estimations with data, statistics, and findings available in a wide range of public documents.

For example, let’s say you’re writing a paper on the correlation between access to guns and the tragedies that have occurred in recent years in the United States. You also want to tie-in the impact of mental illness on these tragedies. Your research will entail having access to public documents that reflect the number of guns purchased by individuals in this country, state legislation involving guns, the number of deaths at the hands of a gun, gun safety vs. accidents/deaths per state, the type of guns used in mass murders, past legislation, proposed legislation per state and on the federal level, etc. You will want access to government documents, Congressional records, newspaper articles, research by such as organizations as JAMA, etc. You will also want to gain access to data involving mental illness and the correlation to gun violence.

Paratext provides access to public documents from 1789 to today. There are links to more than 10 million full-text documents from a number of repositories. Additionally, more than 1.8 million federally funded technical and research reports can be searched, and there you can access more than 390,00 records and links to Readex’s Congressional Serial Set. The U.S. Congressional Serial Set is a rich collection of primary source material on the people, issues and events of American history and politics. Readex’s digital edition includes reports, documents and journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.