Problems That Result From Overworking

Every manager wants to see their employees demonstrate a strong work ethic. However, being overworked can have extremely negative consequences for both employees and the company. Here are some problems that can happen when employees continually have to take on too much work.


Overworked employees are highly susceptible to burnout. After they reach a point of having too much work to deal with, the quality of their work diminishes. They become physically and mentally exhausted. Employees need to be able to pace themselves to avoid feeling burned out.


Overworking can lead to accidents. When employees don’t have time to accomplish everything that they need to, they can’t give every task the attention that it deserves. As a result, they may be more prone to create unsafe working conditions or experience accidents on-the-job.


When you expect too much of your employees, they may become dissatisfied with their job roles. People who work very hard but still can’t measure up to their employer’s expectations will constantly feel as though they are failing. They may eventually be inclined to leave the company and take on a less position demanding with another employer. Consequently, the company will have to hire and train new employees more frequently than it should have to.