Mitigating Risk As a Public Official

As an elected, appointed or public official, you have an obligation to your community. Like a business, you need liability insurance to help make up for the risks of holding a public office. For example, an owner of a company needs a directors & officers insurance policy for any mistakes made by the upper tier of the business. You need public official liability insurance.

The Risk Behind Public Officials

As a public official, most people will look at you with high expectations. For example, if you deny a person a permit or license, he or she could claim that you did so unfairly or worse, that you committed an act of discrimination. To fight these claims, you need insurance, otherwise the cost to fight comes out of your pocket.

Common Claims Against Public Officials

The most common claims against public officials include:

  • Discrimination in employment practices
  • Wrongful termination
  • Wrongful denial of permits
  • Misstatements or misleading information

Generally, public officials have a full plate to deal with. You may give someone what you believe is solid advice only for it to fall through or for you to be wrong.

If you don’t have liability insurance, you could face catastrophic lawsuits. In addition, you could lose your reputation when you don’t have the ability to fight them. You need to focus your money and energy on upholding your reputation.