Liability Insurance for Adult Entertainment Businesses

Professional liability insurance in the hospitality industry is uniquely suited to the actual exposure your venue faces. That way, bars and restaurants with no entertainment do not wind up with policies designed for hotels or nightclubs. Similarly, adult nightclubs, cabarets, and other venues with similar needs have a few forms of risk that are not faced by other nightlife venues. Finding the right coverage means knowing you are covered in the event of liability for damages to patrons, independent performers, and others operating in your club as part of the service model. That could include contracted security from outside firms or any other non-employee liability.

Coverage Provisions for Adult Entertainment Venues

The benefits of a comprehensive policy are cost savings and an easy approach to reviewing your coverage when it is time to update. The following coverage types are all common for venues with adult entertainment.

  • Event cancellation coverage
  • General liability
  • Assault and battery coverage
  • Event liability coverage
  • Product liability for food and beverages
  • Liquor liability coverage
  • Property liability

While you may need additional insurance products for coverage areas like worker’s compensation or business interruption, adult entertainment insurance packages should predict all your professional liability needs. That lets you shop for a single policy that covers your general liability while also providing the extra protection you need in key areas of exposure.