Liability Basics for Your Sports Bar

Every sports bar owner wants to make sure they’re covered if unrest or accidents involving their patrons occur on or off their premises. If you’re not clear on what sports bar liability insurance includes, here are the basics.

General Liability

General liability is a common element of liability insurance for sports bars. It’s the insurance that kicks in to cover injuries and property damages when something happens to a patron inside or outside your venue.

Assault & Battery Liability

According to New York-based insurance company RMS Hospitality Group, it’s crucial to invest in assault and battery liability since victims of violence on and off your property can sue you. It’s also a great idea to have a security plan and professionals in place at your venue. These measures can go a long way toward preventing assault and battery claims against you.

Liquor Liability

Specific to sports bar liability, liquor liability covers injuries or property damages caused by overserved patrons at your venue. It typically does not include coverage for injuries from fights or assaults, however, so you should plan to add this type of liability insurance to your coverage.

Product Liability

Do you plan on serving food or snacks? From bad shrimp to tainted beer, product liability insurance will cover any related claims made against you or any associated medical expenses.

Many insurance providers also include excess liability insurance in their sports bar liability programs. If you’re ready to find out more about the coverage that’s right for you and your business, contact a reputable insurance provider in your area.