Keeping Your Home Safe from the Casual Criminal

When it comes to crime, thieves often take advantage of simple opportunity. Don’t make it obvious for them that your home can be easily broken into, or telegraph that fabulous items await inside. Here are some things to remember, inside and out, to avoid a claim on your Putnam Connecticut homeowners insurance:

Stow the ladder. Leaving ladders outside where thieves can use them to climb into second-floor windows (that often are open, unlocked, or aren’t wired into the home security system) is a risk you don’t need to take. Keep ladders locked away out of sight in the garage.

Hide the trash. Why advertise to thieves that you recently purchased some nifty (not to mention expensive) personal electronics, a flatscreen TV and stereo system, jewelry, watches, laptop, or other items? Break down and cut up the cardboard boxes the items arrived in and dispose of them in a recycling dumpster away from your home if possible, or at least cut them down small enough to put completely inside your own recycling bin, rather than leave a completely identifiable box sitting on top of the trash for all to see.

Place mirrors with care. Thieves use that mirror in your entry against you—to see whether your alarm is armed. Reposition mirrors so that burglars can’t use them to view key safety features in your home, and get in the habit of keeping the alarm armed.

Cut the lawn. Thieves see overgrown grass as as sign that the owners are away, and are thus more likely to break into the home. Mow the grass regularly, both front and rear, as burglars will be watching the rear of the house—if the backyard looks neglected, burglars may think that’s where they’ll find you gave less attention to security matters as well.

Don’t broadcast plans. Putting it out there on social media that you’re having a great time down in Jamaica, complete with photos of you on the beach, will make you the envy of your friends—and also let unscrupulous people know that your house may be empty. Post how great your trip was, after you return.

Also, protect what’s yours with a quality Putnam Connecticut homeowners insurance policy. Contact a professional agent to learn more.

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