Is Your Staff Insurance With the Times?

staff insurance

staff insurance

One fact about the staffing industry that never changes is that the staffing industry is ever-changing. Staffing needs change with the times, the economy, and the advancement of technology. As needs change, so does the need for certain types of insurance. Perhaps 50 years ago you might not have needed something like cyber liability with your staff insurance policy, but that is one thing that has really changed in this day and age.


Cyber Attacks are Very Real


Over the 2013 holiday season alone it was clear that there were certain data breaches happening with big companies around the US. These types of breaches threaten the privacy of employees and clients alike, not to mention the security of the corporation itself. You probably have an entire IT department that is ready to help out with any viruses or problems that your employees run into, but what happens if something slips through the cracks, and suddenly all of your network’s data is compromised? If attacks on your network security, firewall, viruses, or access by unauthorized persons are all things that you worry about with your cyber network, then you need a cyber liability policy.


Protecting Your Business and Employees is Necessary


Your staff insurance policy needs to keep up with the times—and the times call for a hefty amount of cyber security. Technology is changing in the staffing industry and around the world, so it’s time to take the necessary steps to protect your business from the attacks you can see and the ones you might not.

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