Is Your Insurance Helping You Run a Safer Business?

Insurance is the front line risk management tool for both businesses and individuals, but it’s not the only way to manage risk. In fact, if you depend too much on your insurance and not enough on other tactical approaches to minimizing risk and its impact on your operation, you wind up overpaying for coverage that probably has higher payouts than you’d actually need with a more balanced approach. On top of that, the rates are likely to climb faster than average because you’ll be relying on claims instead of trying to sidestep the need for them. It’s never possible to eliminate risk, which is why insurance is important, but the right insurance company will be able to help you run a safer business. To get that kind of information and advice, though, you need to work with an insurer who understands your company.


Industry-Specific Insurance and Its Benefits


When you work with people who know your business, the advice gets better than just things like the right PPE to invest in. Companies like Merrimac Marine have so much experience in their industry, they can provide more detailed professional insights, including information on dredging safety when you need to perform regular marina and channel maintenance. That kind of insight does more than just help you make sure you’re up to date on industry best practices, it also shows you that your insurance provider really understands the risks and liabilities inherent to your industry.