Important Choices for Boat Dealership Insurance


Boat Dealership Insurance

Boat Dealership Insurance

There are several types of business insurance that boat dealer’s, repairers, marinas or yacht clubs need. However, not all of these businesses have the exact same needs in terms of the policies and different coverages available. From one business to another, there are different exposures and risks associated with the care of those seaworthy vessels that can bring so much joy to those who enjoy sailing the open seas.

In the case of owners of boat dealerships, whose main business is selling boats and other watercraft to customers in the market for such an item, they require boat dealership insurance for their vessels, employees, and any issues arising from the sales of their boats. But most dealers have to be concerned, not just with physical loss to new boats in inventory, but damage to boats taken as trade-ins, among other things.

Many dealers also have marina operations, which means liability for boats in their care, custody, or control. A boat dealership may own property like piers, docks, employee tools, computers or heavy equipment, as well as boats under construction, or boats they have taken in under loan.


There are different policies to choose from including water damage, towing, personal items coverage, natural disaster coverage, and medical coverage in case someone is injured while on a boat. Depending on the type of boat being purchased, where they will be housed, and how often they will be used, the policy chosen should more than cover all of a dealership’s needs. Prices for insurance can vary, so shopping around for the best offers is always suggested.


Looking at a list of insurance options can help to determine which particular policies might be a worthy investment for the needs of a particular company or business. The right insurance program for an individual boat seller or service company requires careful analysis of the unique needs associated with the services offered, and the right agent can help find the right specialty insurance coverage components, such as:

  • Marina Operators Legal Liability
  • Dealers Physical Damage
  • Marine Pollution Liability
  • Protection and Indemnity
  • Truth In Lending Errors and Omissions
  • Piers, Wharves and Docks
  • Charter Legal Liability
  • Bumbershoots

Notice that there are several types of coverage to consider. All boat dealers require boat dealership insurance to protect them from a slew of concerns and liabilities. Speak to a reputable agent who understands boat dealers and their specific insurance needs.


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