How to Get More Clicks Through Insurance Email Marketing

It seems that the key to a successful insurance email marketing campaign is keeping it as direct as possible. More email users say that the longer an email’s subject line and body length, the less likely they are to actually click on it, let alone read through the email.


What this means for insurance email marketing is that employees in charge of sending out emails to customers need to optimize them for this type of consumer and adapt to their needs if they want to ensure an increased consumer base. For instance, an ideal subject line would be somewhere between 6 and 8 words so that it can easily be seen in its entirety on a typical screen. Brevity is certainly the biggest improvement that every company should take into account when developing their strategy in the future.


The subject line is perhaps the most important aspect of an email. It is certainly one of the most influential aspects in terms of a click-through rate. There are several ways to create a great subject line that will help improve that click-through rate such as:


  • Writing the subject line first so as not to forget to put it in later
  • Using intriguing words that catch the readers attention and don’t make them think of something unpleasant or mundane
  • Putting the most important words first because they’re the hook for the reader
  • Explicitly stating the topic of the body of the email
  • Indicating if a response is necessary and when the deadline is for that response
  • Not using all caps


However, length is not the only thing that determines whether a user will click on an email. They also depend on seeing more images than text that they have to read. It seems like a simple concept: make everything more visual with less information in the initial email to grab their attention long enough to click on a link. Once they click on that link, they can find more information about the product and the company.


It is also important to make an effort to send emails when everyone else isn’t. In a world that is constantly connected to technology, doing this is increasingly difficult, but not impossible. For instance, sending emails on a weekend instead of a weekday or later in the evening instead of in the middle of the day might cut down on the clutter that is going into a consumer’s inbox at the same time.


Insurance email marketing is something that needs to be figured out down to every last detail and it is constantly evolving, making it difficult to keep up with the latest trends. However, most of these tips for maintaining your campaign are simple, easy to follow, and chances are they will never go out of style.


photo credit: Sean MacEntee cc
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