How To Deal With Commercial Truck Breakdowns

Experiencing your first breakdown as a professional driver is something that will just happen if it has not already. Given enough time on the road, eventually something mechanical goes wrong. It might be a tire, it might be a problem with a fuel pump, or maybe an electrical issue. When that happens, the key is to fall back on your training. Depending on your situation, here’s what should be available to you as you respond to commercial truck breakdowns:

  • Emergency point of contact information at your company or dispatch service
  • Customer contact information
  • Roadside service contact numbers
  • National towing service
  • Your commercial vehicle insurance claims contact number

If it’s a problem due to an accident or another covered issue, then you probably want to report to your employer if you have one then the insurance. From there, towing or roadside assistance is next. Most companies invest in it, and owner operators have inexpensive options as well. They are worth it.

Full Roadside Assistance Added To Vehicle Coverage

Commercial vehicle coverage usually has the option to add either towing or full roadside assistance. It’s a little different from adding those options to personal auto coverage, though. It does tend to cost a little more, but it also means getting service that suits the machine. Towing and assistance for semis, for example, requires special tools for the large trucks. If you have vehicle coverage you like but no chance to add roadside assistance, you can usually also buy it on its own as a service. Either way, it’s worth getting a quote that suits the number of trucks in your operation so that you are able to simply call for help when you have commercial truck breakdowns.