How MEL Insurance Covers Risk Exposure for Maritime Employers

The risks to businesses and contractors who work in the maritime industries can be as varied as the types of operations conducted in the field. Additionally, the risks themselves can be unknown entities until the moment they are faced. This presents concerns when it comes to insuring maritime employees, especially when these workers perform their jobs on vessels that are not operated by the company insured.

Meeting the Needs of Maritime Employers

There are a number of laws governing maritime work and employment, many of which make it necessary to ensure adequate protection against risks. Maritime Employers Liability Insurance (MEL) provides unique insurance coverage for maritime employers when their employees are aboard another company’s vessel. The insurance firm Merrimac indicates that MEL coverage can protect a diverse range of operations including:

  • Research
  • Maritime survey work
  • Ocean drilling
  • Construction
  • Onboard artisan contractors

In procuring MEL coverage, maritime employers protect themselves and their workers. MEL coverage has the additional benefit of also ensuring temporary employees when they are working aboard your own company vessels. While similar to workers’ compensation coverage, MEL insurance broadens the scope of coverage to meet the unique needs of the maritime industry. It ensures protection in the wide range of circumstances that can be expected from diverse industry.