A common mishap that many people must deal with at one time or another in their lives is a loss due to a break-in to their car or vehicle. Thieves will often break into a car late at night, or even in broad daylight, looking for expensive items, such as laptops, money, or jewelry that may be stored or left in the car by the owner. While you should never leave valuables in a car, even a locked car, most of us are guilty of doing so and often end up paying a high cost for this indiscretion.


In the unfortunate case of your becoming a victim of a vehicle theft, or a vehicle break-in, you can be left wondering what, if any, coverage your auto insurance policy provides to cover your personal property or items that thieves may have stolen right out of the interior, or even the trunk of your vehicle.


In most instances, your auto insurance policy will not cover personal property that is stolen from your car. They will pay for any damage or loss to an insured vehicle, but not the contents within. This is where the value of having homeowners insurance in PA comes into play.


Homeowner’s insurance covers most personal property


Even though a loss may occur outside of your home, your homeowners insurance will, in most cases, provide compensation for personal property theft from your vehicle, up to a certain limit, especially for certain items, such as jewelry. In many cases, submitting the claim to a homeowner’s policy will yield some form of recovery, either partial, or in full, depending on the coverage provided. This is because the insurance is meant to cover personal property.


Therefore if your home property was temporarily placed in your car and then stolen, it will often be treated similarly to items stolen from within the home. Speak to an agent to determine if you specifically have this coverage on your homeowners insurance in PA policy, or if it is currently available.