Group Home Insurance for Serious Accidents and Injuries

As the owner or operator of a group home, because of the advanced ages of many residents, you understand that many residents will take their last breath while in your care. What you want to prevent is a worst-case scenario, where an accident happens that results in the dismemberment or even the death of one of your residents.


In fact, accidental deaths are the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S., and a percentage of those deaths may occur in institutions such as assisted living facilities, continuing care retirement communities, group homes and other residencies where elderly people are housed. Implementing loss control and safety procedures with ongoing training for all your staff is key in helping to prevent accidents at a facility. Additionally, having the right Group Home insurance is critical, along with certain coverages, such as accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D). In the event of an accidental death, AD&D will protect the business against any devastating losses as the result of a lawsuit filed on behalf of the injured or deceased.


Exposures for Injuries


An accident can result in a serious loss for a person, including their eyesight, hearing, the ability to speak, a limb, even their life. As the owner of a facility, you bear the responsibility for the safety of those in your care and need to be aware of some of the exposures that can lead to a resident’s injury:


  • A flight of stairs may pose a danger to someone with poor eyesight


  • A knife left in the wrong place can result in an injury that can have terrible consequences


  • A deranged individual may become uncontrollable and attack someone in your care with terrible, even deadly consequences


  • Medicine or pills may cause an allergic reaction, or an overdose that results in severe sickness or death


With so many apparent and hidden exposures, the type of safety program you invest is critical. In addition, implementing regular, ongoing checks and balances to ensure that a situation doesn’t present itself that will create the type of risks that could result in a fatal, or near fatal injury is essential. Furthermore, the right risk management and safety program in place can help you with your group home insurance premiums and coverages.  It’s wise to speak to an insurer that specializes in the industry and can offer the right coverage for your needs coupled with an effective loss control and risk prevention program.

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