Getting Started With Business Insurance

Are you looking for an Orlando insurance agency to provide coverage for your new business? With so many options available, you want to make sure you vet each agency before signing a new policy. Here are three keys to consider when researching potential agencies.

What’s Their Financial Standing?

You want to work with a company who you know will be around when you’re in need. Be sure to inquire about their financial standing and their ability to pay claims when the time comes. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’ve made your premium payments but can’t utilize the benefits you’re covered for.

What Coverages Do They Offer?

Make sure that the agency offers the coverages you need with the appropriate limits. Whether it’s workers’ compensation or liability insurance, review the various types of coverage with each agency to confirm that they align with your needs. Lastly, be sure your insurance provider understands your state’s requirements for insurance coverage as you want to ensure that you’re in compliance with their mandates.

What’s Their Reputation?

You should review each company’s reputation by searching their website, third-party review sites and local and national agencies such as the Better Business Bureau. Using these tools, you should be able to understand their responsiveness to claims and readiness to assist when needed.

The most important aspect to consider when searching for an Orlando insurance agency is whether they treat you as an individual. The best agencies are the ones who are willing to customize their offerings to meet your needs as a business.