If you work in the senior care facility industry for any length of time, you are no doubt accustomed to dealing with illness and death among the resident patients; it goes with the territory of advanced age. However, sometimes employees may find themselves being named in a lawsuit alleging that a resident’s illness or death was due to negligence or error on the part of the caregivers—which is why you may be wise to consider purchasing nursing home professional liability insurance to protect themselves against such claims.

Employee negligence charges come from many directions

Claims alleging negligence by workers. In many cases, residents or their families sue based on a perceived difference in the amount of care they believe they signed up for versus the amount of care the resident is actually receiving.

Instances of wrongful death. When a resident dies, the family may believe that the workers and the facility are to blame—an error administering medication, a miscalculation in treatment frequency, mistreatment, abuse, or harassment of some sort. Choking to death sometimes occurs because residents often have difficulty swallowing their food. If staff doesn’t check to ensure that residents can handle eating on their own and they choke to death, charges of negligence could arise.

While a lawsuit may end up finding the accused workers not guilty of negligence or wrongful death, the financial costs to mount a successful defense (which may take years to resolve) can actually destroy you and/or your facility. You win, but ultimately you still lose. That’s why it’s so important to have nursing home professional liability insurance to cover the costs associated with legal defense.

Talk to a professional insurance agent about this valuable coverage and how it can help you and your facility be protected from the risk that comes from delivering the services you provide day in and day out.