Many business models depend on machines to keep their company’s operations running smoothly. Were even one of their pieces of equipment to breakdown it could cause a serious work stoppage that could have devastating consequences. As a food manufacturer, you depend on a lot of different types of equipment that must be regularly maintained.

Equipment breakdown is a serious risk that can have significant and potentially lasting impacts on your production. There is coverage available in the form of food manufacturers insurance in San Francisco that will cover you in the event that an equipment malfunction occurs at your plant.

No matter how sophisticated and well maintained a piece of machinery or equipment is, there is always the possibility that it can fail. And the reality is that not only can this lead to food spoilage, but there is the added risk that an employee could be injured. In any case this can be devastating to your business.

Types of equipment vital to food processing

There are many machines at work that need to be considered for coverage under an equipment breakdown policy. In addition to maintenance issues, some equipment eventually gets to be too old and unreliable, or a power surge or equipment failure could potentially wipe out all of your vital machinery, including:

•           A/C and refrigeration

•           Motors and generators

•           Pumps and compressors

•           Transformers

•           Stationary electrical equipment, and

•           Boilers and pressure vessels

With so many vital components required to keep your business humming, isn’t it a good idea to protect yourself from a potential work stoppage by having the necessary equipment breakdown coverage in place? The cost of this type of insurance is a lot less than any revenue losses resulting from an unforeseen work stoppage. Speak to an agent about the different types of food manufacturers insurance in San Francisco available to you today!