Ensuring Comprehensive Coverage With Event Planners Insurance

As an event planner, you likely know the stress and high-energy atmosphere surrounding planning events. From keeping an eye on weather, to navigating seating charts, event planning can be a high-stress profession. While the ultimate goal is always to put on a top quality event, it is important to remember that things can sometimes go wrong. For this reason — and to best protect your business, your clients, and event guests — carrying comprehensive event planners insurance is a necessity.

What Does Event Planners Insurance Cover?

The specifics of any given policy will likely depend on particulars about your event planning business. Still, certain policies may be likely to be included.

  • Liability insurance — this type of insurance will help to cover liability issues that can arise from any injury or accident during an event
  • Liquor liability insurance — this type of insurance will be focused on liabilities arising from alcohol use
  • Errors and omissions insurance — this type of insurance can protect you in the event you are accused of not fulfilling a professional obligation, with regards to planning an event

Ultimately, the policy program that makes sense for you will depend on your particular circumstances. Speaking to an experience insurer can help ensure you are well-protected if any incident does occur.