Easing Port Congestion

Shipping companies face a fair number of risks. A trek across the ocean with a heavily-loaded container ship can be a hazardous journey. Shippers need to be insured against damages and losses that may occur. One of the growing problems is port congestion. This even frequently happens during the offseason and is a problem that cannot be ignored.

Example: The Port of Los Angeles

Among the busy ports in the world are Los Angeles and Long Beach, both major shipping hubs. Port congestion is a major problem there. Greg Miller stated in an article published in “American Shipper” that he witnessed a Monday in Long Beach in which 70 container ships were waiting to dock. This is approximately what the port of Savannah handles in two months and Charlotte in four. 

A Solution to the Problem

A problem of this magnitude certainly cannot be ignored. A solution is currently in the works. Total Terminals International is working together with the Long Beach Port of Authority. They are extending the hours in which the port is open and trucks have access for pickups. Late-night access is now allowed from 11:00 pm to 1:30 am, as well as early morning access from 3:00 am to 7:00 am.

Port congestion has become a growing problem, especially in Los Angeles and Long Beach. With the extended hours, more ships can be unloaded each day, thus alleviating the problem.