Do You Have Rights Protecting You From Your HOA?

A homeowners association, or HOA, can offer many benefits to residents in a neighborhood. However, some HOAs step past their boundaries, which makes you wonder if there are homeowner rights against HOA and the answer is yes. HOAs have their limits of power and it’s important for homeowners to understand those limitations.

The Limitations of an HOA

Living in an HOA means you often have access to a well-maintained and safe community. There are downsides, such as maintenance fees. That being said, recent years have seen an increase in lawsuits filed against HOAs, so it’s important to know what an association is not allowed to do The information found at details about the various legal rights a homeowner has against an HOA, so you can be prepared. Here is a snapshot of some of the most important things an HOA cannot do:

An HOA cannot enforce random and unapproved rules
An HOA cannot discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, race or religion
An HOA cannot impose hidden or unnecessary fees on residents
An HOA cannot make changes without notice to residents

Protecting Your Rights as a Homeowner

Your HOA can help take care of the community, but it cannot be a dictator. Being a responsible homeowner means understanding that you have homeowners rights against HOA rules and regulations. Knowing these rights means you can be prepared in case your HOA steps out of line.