Designing Websites for Insurance Agents

Consumers have an enormous amount of choices for where to research and buy their insurance policies online. Your agency needs to give them a reason to visit you over all of those other websites. If they can’t find your website, then this puts you at a disadvantage. Not only do you want to be sure they find your agency’s website, you also want to be sure that it has the information they are looking for. Remember, the goal is for them to pick up the phone and call you.

Now, with the power and reach of social media on the Internet, consumers seek recommendations before practically every purchase. Your potential customers want to know more about the insurance agency they may do business with. Therefore you need someone who specializes in websites for insurance agents to design your site.

It will help if your designer also has a background as an insurance agent and understands what makes an agency tick. Hire someone who can design the perfect website for your insurance business, along with providing you with the tools you need to manage it yourself when you are ready to do so.

Website design solutions should include:

  • A content management system so your staff can make ongoing edits to your website
  • All the basics of search engine optimization ensuring your site has what it needs to rank higher
  • Code that is optimized to display on smart phones, tablets and desktop computers
  • Social media links and integration, and
  • Lots of add-ons including downloadable forms, videos, photo galleries, online quote request forms, staff directories and so much more

An appealing design consistency throughout your branding is crucial and a great designer will seamlessly integrate the visual identity for your insurance website into any and all of your other marketing needs. These are all valuable considerations when planning the construction of websites for insurance agents. Speak to a knowledgeable professional today!

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