Dental Disability Insurance Defined

Disability insurance protects individuals in the event that they become incapable of performing whatever job they do to make a living. A disability insurance policy will pay out a predetermined amount of money, roughly equivalent to a policyholder’s salary. The length of the payout varies depending on the policy. Dentists often perform complex procedures that require dexterity, mental focus, and keen eyesight. If any of these faculties fail, a dentist will be unable to do their job. Disability insurance for dentists can protect dentists, their families, and their staff if such an unfortunate event occurs.

Choosing the Best Policy

There are insurance agencies that specialize in disability insurance for dentists. While it is possible to purchase disability insurance from other agencies, there are several advantages associated with choosing a policy from an agency with dental insurance experience. These agencies know exactly how to build policies that provide the best coverage for the best prices. They also know how best to handle claims and are more likely to pay out those claims quickly and correctly. Policies vary depending on the size of a dentists’ practice, their age, and even their location. Dentists can also tailor disability insurance policies to meet their needs and budget. Because of the wide variety of available policies, there should be a dental disability insurance policy to suit every situation.


photo credit: ShellyS cc