Connecticut Risk Management Starts at the Top


Risk management for Connecticut

Risk management for Connecticut

There are quite a few concerns to take into consideration when it comes to reducing the many risks a restaurant inherently faces. Risk management for Connecticut restaurateurs means preparing for the unforeseeable accidents, damages or even disasters that might impact this type of business. This means protecting employees and the business by incorporating safety procedures into the daily operations, which will help stem the possibility of potential lawsuits or damages being filed.


Make operational safety a primary concern


As a restaurant manager, you need to know the health and safety risks associated with restaurant operations. Every day, there are plenty of chances for an employee to become ill or injured on the job. Everything from the danger of slipping and falling on wet floors to the risks associated with the use of heavy-duty cooking equipment. Accidents are not only a possibility, but also a probability, unless precautions are taken.


Also, the last thing anyone wants is for a customer to become ill or injured while dining at the restaurant, which is why it is critical to make safety and hygiene an integral part of any operation’s procedures. Workers, by law, must clean their hands before returning to work after restroom breaks. Having a few simple policies and procedures to follow can help to reduce an abundance of issues.


Define policy and procedures in the employee handbook 


The employee handbook is a perfect tool for laying out information pertaining to the restaurant’s policies and procedures on everything from safe food preparation procedures to employee conduct and even sexual harassment. The employee handbook should help the staff members understand what is expected of them during the service of their duties, how to execute the job safely, and how to react in case of a crises situation.


The employee manual should be used frequently in demonstrations as a tool to support any training, which is crucial to keep employees from becoming injured or engaging in other risky behavior that could result in an accident. Holding regular safety meetings will help to instill awareness of what is expected of the entire staff.


Educating staff on the potential hazards of working in the restaurant is crucial to a sound risk management plan for Connecticut restaurant owners. Remember, when safety is integrated into the evaluation criteria for a restaurant manager’s quarterly (or annual) review, the manager is more apt to take safety more seriously. Owners can reward managers for low occurrences of injuries and illnesses, or for having regularly safety meetings.