Common Injury Risks Faced by Cleaning Professionals

Many homeowners and business owners rely on cleaning companies to keep their buildings clean and hospitable. However, cleaning professionals face a variety of risks such as slipping and falling while on the job. Protect your employees with cleaning service insurance against these top injury risks.

Infectious Disease

Especially in healthcare facilities, serious illness exposure is possible for custodians. As reported by, a work-related illness is covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

Repetitive Motion

Cleaning requires repetitive motions, especially when cleaning large floors. The worker bends, pulls, reaches, lifts and pushes items to clean around, under and behind them. Common injuries from repetitive motion tend to be musculoskeletal such as back injuries and sprains.

Electrical Shock

Floor buffers and vacuum cleaners are common electrical equipment used by many cleaning staff. Wet surfaces can put them at risk for an electrical shock when they use these pieces of equipment.

Fall Accidents

Wet and waxed flooring can be slippery. Custodians who walk on a freshly cleaned floor to clean up a spill can slip and fall. Standing on a ladder to clean something high can result in a fall due to an improper foot placement or slippery shoes.

Cleaning service insurance allows you to protect your business while seeing after your employees. Developing an effective risk management strategy can help your employees lower their risk of falls as they work.