Characteristics of a Top Auto Rating System
Commercial Auto Rating
Commercial Auto Rating

Businesses everywhere rely on dedicated vehicles to transport employees, deliver goods, and move essential materials from place to place. Some businesses have a single vehicle to fill many needs while others rely on a fleet of specialized vehicles. Regardless of the auto insurance needs of any given customer, an insurance agency should be able to provide solutions that address a customer’s particular concerns. Having access to essential information will allow agents to offer competitive solutions; a highly responsive commercial auto rating system can help.


Accessing Vital Information


All insurance agencies that handle commercial and fleet auto policies need to use a commercial auto rating system that is flexible enough to meet the changing needs of customers. An ideal rating system should:


  • Have ratings engines that can handle multi-location policies
  • Accommodate package and monoline policies
  • Provide accurate statistical information that is ready for use by program administrators and MGAs
  • Allow for business rules that are specific to each customer
  • Have options for printed and electronic policy form distribution


These are just some of the features that insurance agents can access as a result of using top auto rating systems. Flexible user options allow for a more tailored function; this helps agents access the most relevant information even faster.


Success in the insurance industry depends in large part on what information agents have access to. Using a suite of rating systems that provides relevant information in a convenient format means getting customers the rate quotes they need with less downtime.