Carrying a Liquor Liability Add-On

When you are looking for comprehensive insurance coverage for your restaurant, there are several things to consider. Not only do you need a plan that fits your budget, but you need coverage for the exposures unique to your industry. An agency staffed with experienced hospitality insurance brokers are the ones capable of understanding those exposures, and they can help in finding the right insurance solutions. As the RMS Hospitality Group advises, having a strong liquor coverage inclusion can save you from considerable loss.

Liquor Liabilities

Any store or establishment that sells or serves alcohol or liquor is susceptible to numerous liabilities associated with the actions of its patrons. Areas that could use this coverage include:


The consequence of someone becoming drunk and injuring themselves on their way to their car is a financial liability that rests with the business serving the drinks rather than the one drinking them. Liabilities move beyond personal injury and can extend to any damage the individual may cause in their inebriated state.
Most of the states in the U.S. have passed regulations requiring these establishments that serve or sell alcohol to carry a liquor liability policy. There are also restrictions on what would be included for coverage, such as illegal service to minors or to those without I.D. validation.