Carpentry Insurance Complements Good Safety Procedures

If you’re in construction, carpentry insurance is very important, as you will want to be covered for accidents and any unfortunate lawsuits that may arise. There are several typical exposures faced by carpenters, including:

  • Property damage
  • Injuries to self or workers
  • Fire exposure
  • Loss, including theft, and
  • Other exposures

You should take the time to review these areas of risk and make sure you have proper property insurance in place, along with effective loss protocol measures to mitigate risk. By assessing your construction procedures and training your employees, you can create a safer workplace and help protect your business, employees, and jobsites.

Operations during construction or remodeling

Consider the following. Once you start a new job do you make certain to:

  • Adequately brace all construction?
  • Secure trusses against the wind?
  • Barricade all work areas?
  • Require barricades as well as covers for roof, walls, floors and other openings?
  • Use non-flammable adhesives when possible?
  • Deactivate hoists, take down ladders, lock up, or remove power equipment at night?
  • Keep flammable liquids in sealed metal containers?
  • Keep equipment away from overhead wires?
  • Have easily accessible ladders, stairways, and ramps for entry and exit?
  • Arrange site for easy access and safe maneuvering of equipment?
  • Keep the site free from sawdust, scrap, and other debris accumulation?
  • Store combustibles well away from the structure?
  • Restrict smoking in and around unfinished construction?
  • Have UL-rated fire extinguishers placed in every 3,000 sq. ft. of space, and are employees trained in their use?

Insurance is a great investment because it protects you from being financially ruined by an unfortunate incident. Carpenters and contractors that are not insured have to worry about being sued for their investments or everything they have. It is always comforting to know that the insurance company will protect both you, and the customer.

What’s more, by having insurance you are demonstrating that you are not willing to take risks. It also shows that you are a responsible craftsman. It helps to advertise that you have insurance because your customers will know that, if something goes wrong, the problem will be properly resolved. In most states the law requires contractors to have insurance in order to perform any type of work. There are many different types of carpentry insurance in New Jersey, so be sure to purchase those specific to your needs and particular line of work.

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