Business Interruption Insurance Protects Your Profits

As the owner of a business you know that to stay profitable your business must be open and operating. But what if something unexpected occurs that prevents you from doing business and you are not able to sell your products or provide services? When you have to close or diminish your operations because of damages, business interruption insurance provides income during this difficult period.


What Does It Cover?


Perhaps you have purchased business insurance in Caldwell New Jersey that covers property damage. This will cover damage to property and assets but does not cover the additional costs and expenses that come from losses stemming from a shutdown of your business.


Business interruption insurance is intended to cover:


  1. Profits you would have earned if your business was open
  2. Operating expenses including utilities
  3. Expenses for a temporary location during repair of your building
  4. Reimbursement for additional expenses to keep the business operating


Recovery Takes Time


It is gratifying as a business owner to come through a disaster and protect your profits through the coverage provided by business insurance in Caldwell New Jersey. However, be sure to have a policy that covers the rebuilding of your business. You may need extra time and compensation until your business is operational and your customer base is rebuilt.


When unforeseen circumstances strike causing the shutdown of your business, be prepared with business interruption insurance to keep your income secure.


photo credit: country_boy_shane cc