AXIS_Providing Protection From Employment Practices Claims

If you have employees, you’re at risk for liability claims. That is when employment practices liability insurance, or EPLI insurance, comes in handy. This insurance can help you if you need it, but there are certain ways to help prevent such claims from arising.

How Does This Insurance Help?

When a company has this insurance, the legal fees, and other associated expenses can be covered. That’s a bonus for your business so you do not have to pay for anything yourself. These claims come in a variety of forms, but Axis explains that there are common reasons claims of this nature are filed, including those listed here:

Sexual harassment
Wrongful termination
Discrimination in any form

How Do You Prevent These Claims?

While you cannot fully prevent these claims, as some employees may file them regardless of whether it is the truth, you can take measures to avoid the situations in these claims. The following preventative measures can help you create a positive and safe working environment and lessen your risk of these claims:

An employee handbook
Employee training
Clear statements about acceptable behavior

Protecting Yourself and Your Employees

The main protection offered by EPLI insurance is for your business, but implementing preventative measures is also meant to protect your employees. Having this insurance means you understand what the risks are in employing individuals and that you take claims of this nature seriously.